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Atchan is a childhood friend of Ami and Yumi at Camp Youwannasushi. He made his debut in Super Zero.


Atchan wears a big, red helmet looking like a fly with big human ears. His face is white and his right eye has a black star, making him look like a member of the band, KISS. He has a black clown nose. He also wears a grey superhero shirt with red sleeves and yellow gloves. He has a yellow belt. He wears black pants and and yellow boots with red socks. It is exactly like Mangbee Man, Atchan's favourite comic book superhero.


Atchan always thinks that he's a Superhero. Atchan always tells and shares stories about fighting and being a hero to them. Ami gets amazed, but Yumi couldn't handle his behaviour. Atchan always refers to himself in the third person.


  • "Atchan must remember that the Purple-Haired One can see through Atchan's invisiblity shield."


  • As a kid, Atchan resembles Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • His suit is a ressemblance to Kamen Rider.
  • He is a caricature of Vo Atsushi of the Japanese band New R'oteka who is actually friends with the real-life Yumi Yoshimura.