This is a list of continuity errors or events in episodes that contradict what happened in other episodes in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

General Edit

  • The tour bus's interior changes every episode.
  • When Ami and Yumi snore, it's either provided by a stock snoring sound or from their voice actresses themselves. The only time Ami's snoring was provided by a stock sound was in "Metal Mental".
  • Sometimes, Ami, Yumi and Kaz sleep in their pajamas or in their normal wear. Kaz is the only one who is only seen sleeping in his normal clothes in "Time Off".

Season 1Edit

  • In Dis-Harmony/Collect All 5/Ninjcompoop, Harmony implies that Yumi has an Abraham Lincoln birthmark on her left foot. In later episodes where Yumi is actually seen barefoot, no birthmarks are seen. In the same segment, it's also implied that Yumi is nervous near squirrels due to the "pine nut incident" when she was five years old, though in the episode segment Arbor Day, Yumi has no problem interacting with one in person.