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Courtney is a woman who dated Kaz in Stupid Cupids.


Courtney has a full figure, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was first shown wearing red lipstick, an orange shirt, blue jeans, a black hairband and black pumps. While she was dating Kaz Harada, her shirt and jeans were replaced with a pink dress, a necklace and pearl earrings.

Role in Episode(s)

Courtney comes across with Kaz when she was on shopping in the mall. She states that Kaz looks "funny" and suggests him hang out with her. Even though he hesitates about her suggestion, she is able to have a date with Kaz thanks to Ami and Yumi's strong will of letting Kaz get a girlfriend.

Courtney have experienced several events with Kaz like having a fancy dinner, dancing together in large ballroom, and watching romance movie at drive-in theater. Unfortunately, it is revealed that Kaz barely has any interest with Courtney at all, and his horrible attitude such as making her pay expensive bill was enough for her to kick him away for good.

After the whole incident, Courtney leaves from Kaz with strong frustration, stating that he "takes a cake" comparing with her former dates who were "real zeros."


  • According to Kaz, Courtney doesn't like The Rolling Stones.
  • In Japanese dub, Courtney states that Kaz looks "cute" instead of "funny."