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The real Crazy Styxx before the accident

The Crazy Styxx is a minor villain in the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. He was the best drummer who had ever lived. The character made his debut in Ami Goes Bad.


Kaz was in the drummer's final concert. Crazy Styxx was in a big glass ball, being turned around by small wheels in the left and right side. When it started to turn around, the drummer began playing his drums. As Crazy Styxx was turning faster, the right wheels couldn't handle anymore rolls, and it broke. Then his ball, with the drummer in it, was rolling quickly, until it crashed. Crazy Styxx was thought to be dead and there was no sign of his body. The only things left were his drum sticks, their formation a cross. His soul jumped into them, so he can control the body that touches them.

Kaz relays how the Crazy Styxx transformed into his psychotic, vengeful self, so he and Yumi band together to start their plan to stop the monster. They trace Ami's movement to a hotel, leading to a fight for the sticks. The ghost is enraged that they managed to free Ami and tries to spear them as revenge, but inadvertently destroys himself in the fire.

Ami being controlled by Crazy Styxx