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Eldwin Blair is an English businessman and an enemy of Puffy AmiYumi, especially Ami. He is voiced by Nathan Carlson.


Eldwin looks like a rich gentle man that wears a red and orange suit, green pants and a bowtie. His hair looks like a furball to Yumi, and he has a French-looking moustache.


Eldwin is a very mean man and doesn't care about nature. He is, instead, always obsessed with building a parking lot somewhere. At first he tried to build is in a farm but fail. Secondly, he cutted down so many trees at arbour day to build one.


  • In the game, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped for the GameBoy Advanced, Eldwin appears as the first phase of the final boss of the game, in the second Lunar Base Stage, Out of This World. In this phase, he pilots a bulldozer (This first phase bears a resemblance to the Death Egg Robot battle from Sonic The Hedgehog 2). He will try to run Ami and Yumi down with the bulldozer, blast them out of the sky with a cannon that had been equipped to the vehicle, and will push either Ami or Yumi away if they get too close. He can also summon enemies for you to fight when he drives offscreen. These enemies MUST be defeated in order to bring Eldwin Blair back onscreen. Once Eldwin Blair is defeated, his bulldozer breaks down, and a zipper appears, revealing that Harmony is the true final boss of the game.