Synopsis Edit

  • Evil AmiYumi: Yumi tempts fate and is strucked by lightning. It causes Yumi to switch places with her evil half from an evil alternate universe. Evil Yumi causes some trouble in the normal universe while Evil Ami and Evil Kaz cause trouble in their own world. Yumi must find a way back to her world and get Evil Yumi back into her world.
  • Butterscotch: Kaz knocks out a rodeo star's horse Butterscotch with a flying kick after it kicks him so Ami and Yumi get in a horse costume and pose as Butterscotch to avoid trouble.
  • Big Waldo: Kaz buys a swamp for his new dream house, but it is inhabited by Big Waldo, a huge alligator. Ami and Yumi have to get rid of Big Waldo so Kaz can enjoy his new land.

Goofs/Errors Edit


  • It is unknown what Butterscotch's gender might be, as they look male and have a rather masculine name, but are referred to by female pronouns.

Big Waldo:

  • After Yumi falls asleep from the tranquillizer dart that hit her from Big Waldo which she shot at, her hair looks slightly wider than before and has a black outline when her head goes down.
  • After Ami calls for the "ACME Giant Rocket", Yumi disappears in the next shot.
  • After Ami and Yumi scream when Big Waldo and Bigger Frida roars at them, the left and right bottom hair parts of Yumi have a black outline, due to it being a reused asset from Time Off (that had the same error).


  • This is possibly the second time we see a character with their butt lines shown onscreen (Bigger Frida twerking in front of Big Waldo to attract him). The first was Kaz Almighty / Allergic / Spaced Out.
  • This is one of the 5 episodes that never aired in the USA.