Bald (wore a black wig)

First Appearance

No Food is no fun for Mr. Greedy

Voiced By

Kim Mai Guest


Ami Onuki (granddaughter), Ami Onuki's dad (son),

Granny is Ami's Grandma. She believed that Ami was a wig maker and that Kaz and Yumi were her assisstants. Ami lied about being a wig maker because she did not want to give her grandma a heart attack, because according to Ami, she is very traditional, as she believes things like phones and toothbrushes "steal your soul!". Eventually Ami had to confess to Granny that she's a rockstar, however Granny understood and was proud of Ami since being a rockstar is Ami's passion in life.


Trivia Edit

  • How did she lose her hair? The world may never know.