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Helping Hand / Neat Freak / Hypno Kaz is the 17th episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Episode Recap

Helping Hand

Yumi cramps her hands after signing too many pictures. Ami wanted to help but Yumi doesn't want any help, so Ami gives Yumi a bell so if she needs help all she has to do is ring the bell. Yumi has gotten so used to it that when her hands healed, she didn't tell Ami that her hands were better. This causes Ami to get mad for doing all her work even though Yumi's hands were better a few days ago.

Neat Freak

While Yumi and Kaz are playing a game of golf, Ami is cleaning her room. She screams as she walks out of her room which causes Kaz to finally hit a hole in one. Ami screamed because the other rooms in the bus are a huge mess! After Yumi guesses right that Ami was cleaning her room again, Ami tells her and Kaz that she's tired of cleaning up the messes they make, wants the band to be know for their music and not their filth, and that she will be making a few changes. As Yumi tells Ami to let her know how it goes, she is walking away, eating a bag a potato chips, leaving a trail of chip crumbs. Ami yells "Slob Alert!" and takes away Yumi's clothes because they are filthy, which leads to Yumi using the chip bag as a clothing item. Later, Ami takes away Kaz's toenail clippers because he made a pile of toenails until they grew back quickly. That night, she makes Yumi scrub the kitchen for making a mess while making a sandwich and Kaz put away his many bags of money. In the following morning, Yumi is vacuuming while listening to "Planet Tokyo" with her headphones. She ends up sucking up Jang Keng and Tekirai with the vacuuming and Ami, now dressed in military leader wear, she shows Yumi how to vacuum the bus nicely (again), even though she ends up sucking her in the vacuum. The next morning, Yumi and Kaz get very nervous because of Ami is grading them for cleanliness. Because there was a small dirt spot, Ami sends Yumi and Kaz flying when she yells "unacceptable". Yumi and Kaz start to argue with Ami and after Kaz reminds them about their concert, Ami looks for her drumsticks, but she can't find them anywhere! Yumi comes to the conclusion that she and Kaz cleaned so much and Ami can't find her drumsticks as a result. She is then cheered by Yumi and Kaz to get the bus dirty again. When they all make a very huge mess, Ami finds her drumsticks, and she is very happy. She also agrees with Yumi and Kaz that she did go overboard with the cleaning. Ami and Yumi then have fun making the bus messier with Kaz cheering them on.

Hypno Kaz

Yumi has a problem of biting her nails and Ami calls in a hypnotist to stop Yumi's problem. But the hypnotist accidentally hypnotizes Kaz and makes him act like a monkey, an opera singing racecar driver, a DJ, a drill sergeant, Yumi, a dog and a snake. Yumi bites her nails again in fear and Ami tells her to stop but Yumi replies by saying she can't poof it away. so when the lady of manager of he month appeared Kaz was already, acting like a snake, wrapping himself around her and Ami and Yumi both say the word poof and Kaz turns back to normal and the lady said she does not want to give the award and Kaz begins to cry but Ami and Yumi convinces her that Kaz is a great manager and she keeps him in the competition.


Helping Hand

Ami: Yumi? You look tired. Do you want help?

Yumi: Help? Ha! I don't need any help. Never have, Never will... Kaz, you made me sign so many autographs, my hands have gotten numb! See? I can't feel a thing!

Kaz: I can.

Kaz: Yumi, can I do anything to help you?

Yumi: No, I don't need any help! (starts eating the rice with her mouth)

Ami: I hate to see Yumi like this, Kaz.

Kaz: Me too, her table manners are terrible.

Ami: No, I mean I hate to see her turning down help, everyone needs a little help once in a while.

Ami: (holding a gift box) Yumi-chan. (gets shocked as Yumi turns to her with badly made makeup) What happened to you?

Yumi: I put on some makeup. (Ami shows her the box) What's that?

Ami: Oh... I know you don't want help, but I can't just watch you be miserable. (takes a bell out of the box and shows it to Yumi) Every time you want me to do something for you just ring this bell, I'll be your hands until yours start working again.

Yumi: No way, I don't need any help! (gets shocked as she turns to the mirror) Well... Okay, if it'll make you feel any better. But how do I ring the bell if I can't pick it up? (Ami puts the bell in her mouth) Thanks.

Ami: Perfect, I'll be in there the room if you need anything you don't. (Yumi rings the bell) Yes?

Yumi: (with the bell in her mouth) Please take the bell out of my mouth.

Ami: Oh! (takes the bell out of Yumi's mouth) Here. (puts the bell in Yumi's hand) You can just pick it up with your teeth.

Yumi: Okay, but that was a special situation. I'm not gonna use that bell!

Ami: Well, it's here just in case. (Yumi rings the bell as her nose starts itching) What's the matter?

Yumi: (with the bell between her teeth) My nose itches. (Ami scratches her nose) Ah... 気持ちいい... (Kimochīi...) (Translation: It feels good...)

Ami: Poor baby.

Yumi: Maybe I need more help than I thought.

*Ami hums happily while taking a foam bath. Suddenly, Yumi rings the bell.*

Ami: (sighs) Oh well... Coming! (gets out of the bath to help Yumi) Yes?

Yumi: I need to turn the page in my magazine. (Ami turns to a page with mostly pictures) Thank you! (rings the bell) This page has mostly pictures. (Ami turns to a page with text) Thank you!

Ami: Anything to help a friend!

*Ami pets Tekirai and Jang Keng as Yumi rings the bell*

Yumi: (sighs) I can get used to this.

Ami: Yumi, are your hands feeling any better?

Yumi: Nope.

Ami: Because... Maybe... I was just thinking you should start trying to do things for yourself.

Yumi: (drops the bell as she gets shocked) Do things for myself? How? I... I... I can't use my hands! Don't you care?

Ami: Of course I do, Yumi. But...

Yumi: There's no but in friendship, Ami! You said you be my hands!

Ami: Okay! Okay! Okay! (pets Jang Keng)

*Yumi sighs calmly*

Kaz: (sees Ami dizzy) Ami, are you okay?

Ami: I've been running around all day doing things for Yumi. I'm happy to help out, but her hands should've gotten better by now. (sighs) Anyway, thanks for asking, Kaz.

Kaz: But I'm only asking cause I think you're sitting on my tuna sandwich.

Ami: (gives Kaz his tuna sandwich) Here. I'm gonna see if Yumi needs anything before I take a nap. (gets shocked as she sees Yumi humming while using her hands to make a burger-like sandwich) What? I... I can't believe... What the? (groans) YUMIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

*Ami stomps towards Yumi who runs off as fast as she could until Ami blocked her way, then ran the other way until Ami blocked her off*

Yumi: (chuckles) Ami! What a pleasant surprise!

Ami: How long have you been able to use your hands?

Yumi: Hands? (hides her hands) What hands?

Ami: Yumi!

Yumi: Oh... A few days...

Ami: Why didn't you say anything?

Yumi: At first I didn't want any help, it was so nice I'm having to do anything I didn't wanna do.

Ami: A little help is okay, but you should always try to do things for yourself if you can.

Yumi: I know... I'm really so sorry, Ami...

Ami: That's okay... I'm just glad you can use your hands again.

Yumi: Me too. I can't believe it was so easy for me to take advantage of someone. Only the lowest of the low does something like that.

Kaz: (gets hurt) 助けて! 助けて!(Tasukete! Tasukete!) (Translation: Help! Help!) Help! I can't feel my hands, my feet or my wallet! You'll have to do anything for me for a loooooooong time! (Ami and Yumi roll their eyes)

Yumi: Oh, man. Ami, I am so sorry.

Kaz: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Three days, okay? And afternoon.

Neat Freak

Ami: Crumb dropping! Slob alert!

Yumi: Slob alert?

Ami: Those clothes are filthy! Slob alert! (takes Yumi's clothes)

Yumi: (wearing a potato chip bag) Aaaaggh!

Ami: Time for some new unslobby habits!

Kaz: (clipping his toe nails) They pay me. They pay me not. They pay me. They pay me not.

Ami: Slob alert! What do you call that?

Kaz: Toe nails a la Kaz.

Ami: That does it! I'm keeping these clippers until you learn to use them responsibly. (Kaz's toe nails) Okay, okay. Just clip them outside.

Yumi opens the fridge to make a sandwich, making a mess. Then leaves the kitchen, but Ami stops her because of the mess.

Ami: Stop! Slob alert! (brings a mop) That's more like it!

Ami, Yumi and Kaz: 一、二、三!(Ichi, Ni, San!) (Translation: One, Two, Three!)

Kaz: You missed a spot! (said at the end of the episode)


Yumi: Pfft! Hypnotism's a bag of baloney. Besides, what kind of third-rate quack...

*the doorbell rings and Dr. Mysto appears*

Yumi: ...makes house calls?

Dr. Mysto: Looky looky, feeling KOOKY, a hypno-trance, kinda spooky...

(Yumi's eyes turn into spirals)

Dr. Mysto: I'm not NUTSO! you're not CRAZY! Now your mind is getting hazy~...

(Yumi's eyes start to close)

Dr. Mysto: Lobster, LOSER, Salad forks... Eating nails is for DORKS.

Kaz: Do you think this will take much time?

Ami: I don't know, but I like the rhyme!

Dr. Mysto: Bingo, BONKERS, Banana Cake... I say POOF, and you're awake! Poof.

(Yumi wakes up)

Ami: (sees that Kaz thinks that he is Yumi) Wow. Six million trigger words in the dictionary, and you get loser...

Yumi: If he touches my guitar, I'm going to wring his neck with my newly developed triceps!


Helping Hand


  • Yumi's nightgown in this episode is white instead of black on Neat Freak.
  • Yumi has a bad problem of biting her nails in Hypno Kaz. This was also shown in Hungry Yumi when she bites her and Ami's nails.
  • Ami seems to be a bit obsessive of keeping the bus clean in Neat Freak. This is the first time we see her in a military leader uniform.