Helping Hand/ Neat Freak/ Hypno Kaz is the 17th episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Helping HandEdit

Yumi cramps her hands after signing too many pictures. Ami wanted to help but Yumi doesn't want any help, so Ami gives Yumi a bell so if she needs help all she has to do is ring the bell. Yumi has gotten so used to it that when her hands healed, she didn't tell Ami that her hands were better. This causes Ami to get mad for doing all her work even though Yumi's hands were better a few days ago.

Neat FreakEdit

Ami gets annoyed of all the messes in the van and makes Yumi and Kaz to clean up the place and to make Kaz cut his toe nails outside and for Yumi not to make a mess in the kitchen every time she makes food. After being to neat Ami loses her favorite drumsticks and Yumi tells Ami to make a mess in order to find the misplaced drumsticks before the concert. Ami gets happy to find her lucky drumsticks and promises to be less of a neat freak.

Hypno KazEdit

Yumi has a problem of biting her nails and Ami calls in a hypnotist to stop Yumi's problem. But the hypnotist accidentally hypnotizes Kaz and makes him act like a monkey, an opera singing racecar driver, a DJ, a drill sergeant, Yumi, a dog and a snake. Yumi bites her nails again in fear and Ami tells her to stop but Yumi replies by saying she cant poof it away. so when the lady of manager of he month appeared Kaz was already, acting like a snake, wrapping himself around her and Ami and Yumi both say the word poof and Kaz turns back to normal and the lady said she does not want to give the award and Kaz begins to cry but Ami and Yumi convinces her that Kaz is a great manager and she keeps him in the competition.


Helping Hand: Edit

Ami: Yumi? You look tired. Do you want help?

Yumi: Help? Ha! I don't need any help. Never have, Never will...

Neat Freak: Edit

Ami, Yumi and Kaz: 一、二、三!(Ichi, Ni, San!) (Translation: One, Two, Three!)

Kaz: You missed a spot! (Said at the end of the episode)

Hypno-Kaz Edit

Yumi: Pfft! Hypnotism's a bag of baloney. Besides, what kind of third-rate quack...

*the doorbell rings and Dr. Mysto appears*

Yumi: ...makes house calls?

Dr. Mysto: Looky looky, feeling KOOKY, a hypno-trance, kinda spooky...

(Yumi's eyes turn into spirals)

Dr. Mysto: I'm not NUTSO! you're not CRAZY! Now your mind is getting hazy~...

(Yumi's eyes start to close)

Dr. Mysto: Lobster, LOSER, Salad forks... Eating nails is for DORKS.

Kaz: Do you think this will take much time?

Ami: I don't know, but I like the rhyme!

Dr. Mysto: Bingo, BONKERS, Banana Cake... I say POOF, and you're awake! Poof.

(Yumi wakes up)

Ami: (Sees that Kaz thinks that he is Yumi) Wow. Six million trigger words in the dictionary, and you get loser...

Yumi: If he touches my guitar, I'm going to wring his neck with my newly developed triceps!


  • Yumi has a bad problem of biting her nails in Hypno Kaz.
  • Ami seems to be a bit obsessive of keeping the the van clean in Neat Freak.