The Genie & The Amp

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The Genie & The Amp is the second video game for the series, made for Nintendo DS.




  • The Mysterious Mei Pie (Present)
  • Arcade Panic! (2006)
  • Sunday Gloomy Sunday (1994)
  • Kaz Almighty (1946)
  • How The West Was Strummed (1877)
  • Black Knights Big City (999 CE)
  • Puffy's Odyssey (83 BCE)
  • Manga Madness (20XX)
  • The Band Before Time (65^30 BCE)
  • Dimension Dementia (2006^2)


  • This game was released in the USA the same day HHPAY aired its final episode in the US.
  • Sunday Gloomy Sunday is a pun on the U2 song, Sunday Cruddy Sunday.
  • The Band Before Time is a pun on the 1988 Universal Pictures movie and its direct-to-home video sequels, The Land Before Time.