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The Huggle Buddies are a collection of 5 cute animal toys found in Super Rainbow Blast cereal boxes. By getting all 5 and connecting them, they create a "Super Cuddle Love Hug".

Animal Buddies

  • Bunny Huggles
  • Monkey Huggles
  • Puppy Huggles
  • Kitty Huggles
  • Donkey Huggles

Role in Collect All 5

Ami goes through many Super Rainbow Blast cereal boxes looking for them. She finds out that she's missing Bunny Huggles and goes on a rampage to get it. She tears open all Super Rainbow Blast cereal boxes at the store, but she couldn't find it. She tries to steal one from a girl at a playground, but the girl fights back. Ami then proceeds to go the factory that makes the toys but she ends up being boxed inside the cereal. She comes out when Yumi was getting cereal for breakfast. Yumi obtains the Bunny Huggles after trading in her favorite guitar at the pawn shop, and gives the toy to Ami. Ami finally stopped going insane as she finally obtained the "Super Cuddle Love Hug".


  • The Huggle Buddies later appear as random objects in later episodes.