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Yumi has a dream of meeting her favorite Pink Palace cheese burger and wakes up when she found herself chewing her pillow instead of the burger. Yumi directly finds and wakes Ami up at 2 AM. Ami suggests her to try Der Strüdel burger chains, as the nearest Pink Palace shop was far away from the site. However, Yumi's desire of trying Pink Palace cheese burger was so desperate and she claims Ami for "being selfish to your best friend", Ami decided to look for the Pink Palace to not being selfish for her friend. Unfortunately, every single Pink Palace stores they visit were closed. In New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Albuquerque they were gone immediately.

Meanwhile, when Ami suggests Yumi to have a sleep, Yumi finds out the Pink Palace store with a stock of cheese burger. This made Yumi so emotional that she somehow tries to get one for any cost, leading to the decision of stealing a customer named Bill's order. He warns Yumi for that, and Yumi responds that by claiming she got the burger first even though she wasn't. She managed to steal the burger for her desire, but Ami scolds Yumi for her selfishness. Ami even explains the why she tried to help her and tell her imagine what will happens to Bill.

Yumi feels guilty when she imagines the miserable consequences she could cause to him. She decides to give him the cheese burger back, and he appreciates for the decision. Bill even suggests Yumi to share the burger after Yumi says farewell to her precious, desperately desired cheese burger. Yumi is pleased for his suggestion and runs towards him to accept that, Kaz gets the half of the burger, blazing up Yumi's anger for stealing the burger. At the end, Kaz and the duo play his song inside the farm for chickens, the only group that truly loved his song.