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Hungry Yumi / The Oddyguard / Song Sung Bad is the 16th episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

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Episode Recap

Hungry Yumi

Yumi has a dream of meeting her favorite Pink Palace cheese burger and wakes up when she found herself chewing her pillow instead of the burger. Yumi directly finds and wakes Ami up at 2 AM. Ami suggests her to try Der Strüdel burger chains, as the nearest Pink Palace shop was far away from the site. However, Yumi's desire of trying Pink Palace cheese burger was so desperate and she claims Ami for "being selfish to your best friend", Ami decided to look for the Pink Palace to not being selfish for her friend. Unfortunately, every single Pink Palace stores they visit were closed. In New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Albuquerque they were gone immediately.

Meanwhile, when Ami suggests Yumi to have a sleep, Yumi finds out the Pink Palace store with a stock of cheese burger. This made Yumi so emotional that she somehow tries to get one for any cost, leading to the decision of stealing a customer named Bill's order. He warns Yumi for that, and Yumi responds that by claiming she got the burger first even though she wasn't. She managed to steal the burger for her desire, but Ami scolds Yumi for her selfishness. Ami even explains the why she tried to help her and tell her imagine what will happens to Bill.

Yumi feels guilty when she imagines the miserable consequences she could cause to him. She decides to give him the cheese burger back, and he appreciates for the decision. Bill even suggests Yumi to share the burger after Yumi says farewell to her precious, desperately desired cheese burger. Yumi is pleased for his suggestion and runs towards him to accept that, Kaz gets the half of the burger, blazing up Yumi's anger for stealing the burger.

The Oddyguard

The episode begins with the end of Puffy AmiYumi's live concert. When the concert ends, enthusiastic fans run over the duo. After the scene, Kaz claimes that he couldn't let that happen again, by telling them financial loss of instrument was unacceptable. He concludes the statement with the decision of hiring them a bodyguard. Ami and Yumi are upset for his decision that could block their excitement, but Kaz says he already made the decision. He introduced the new bodyguard; Wall.

While Wall is dedicated to do his duties as a bodyguard, but his overactive reaction blocks anyone who's near the duo, including mailman and Ami's rubber duck. Ami and Yumi were angered by that, so they complains these in front of Kaz. They also tries to make Kaz fire Wall, while Wall is gone out of the bus to buy duo a pizza. But Kaz reveals that he also tried to fire him and was failed due to Wall's extremely dedicated sense of duty and pride. They decided to make the disaster on purpose, to make Wall going out of the job by himself.

When Wall finds out the tour bus is stolen, the incident Ami and Yumi made up to ditch him, he immediately attempts to catch the bus. This make Ami and Yumi tell Kaz he should speed up the vehicle so they can lose a tail from Wall. They managed to evade him briefly, but when the motor cuts off on the hill, things are becoming the real disaster. They have no choice other than get the help from Wall. He succeeds to save Ami and Yumi from falling into the cliff, even though he failed to save Kaz and himself. After the incident and the next gig, Ami and Yumi admit he was a good person after all, and appreciate him for his help. They also introduce Wall for audiences.

Song Sung Bad

Ami finds out Kaz is writing something. Kaz says what he is doing, writing a song as a hobby. Ami and Yumi also find out he has written a bunch of songs and tell him perform one. At first, Kaz declined that by telling he is "not good at that so much", but he decided to play one for them. His song and overall performance turns out to be extremely lackluster, with Yumi having a laugh of mocking it, but Ami tells him that was great to hear. Yumi also tries to explain the laugh she made in order to force herself give Kaz a praise. Kaz feels very excited for letting him notice his "hidden talents". And with so many ideas to write, he keeps playing and improvising his song in front of Ami and Yumi.

After brushing his teeth, Kaz sees the girls wearing earmugs. Yumi tells him she was cold but his song warmed her, which gives him an idea to write. Then chickens come to the bus to hear him.

When Kaz wasn't in front of them, Yumi tells Ami that complimenting him for "being a good songwriter" was horrible decision and they should tell him the truth. Ami, on the other hand, doesn't want to let him disappointed when he feels very excited and happy. Yumi tries to tell him the truth, but it was revealed to be too late, he already decided to have his debut concert and the tickets were sold out. Ami suggests him rehearses his performance, he declined that and appreciates to her and Yumi.

In the Asahi Theater, the place for Kaz's debut concert, Kaz begins playing his song for audiences. The audiences runs off when his performance was turned out to be terrifying, leaving no more than Ami and Yumi as the only audiences who attend his concert. They pretend to be other audiences, so Kaz won't let down during the performances. Their plan works for a while, until Kaz turns on the light and finds out the theater is already empty. He feels disappointed for being a lousy songwriter and cries for the why he couldn't notice the truth. Ami and Yumi tell him the truth and apologize about it, and he says he was rather thankful for having people who are appreciated for his talents.

At the end, Kaz and the duo play his song inside the farm for chickens, the only group that truly loved his song.


Hungry Yumi

*Yumi is sleeping when a food smell attracts her*

Burger: Yumi, I was made just for you!

*Yumi is about to chew the burger, but chews her pillow instead*

Yumi: Ami! Wake up!

Ami: (Yumi wakes her up with red eyes) Yumi, it's 2 in the morning.

Yumi: Get up, I need a Pink Palace cheeseburger and I'm way too hungry to drive!

Ami: But the nearest Pink Palace is all the way cross town, just get one from Der Strüdel Burger.

*8 Der Strüdel Burger are seen near the bus*

Yumi: Oh no, it has to be the one true burger: Pink Palace! Haven't you heard of the jingle? (sings the jingle) Annual burger can be hot, but Pink Palace burgers are the coolest.

Ami: I'm sure you can wait til morning. (Yumi drags her out of the bed)

Yumi: Here I am starving and you're so selfish you'd let me. (cries) You don't even care about your best friend?

Ami: Of course I do. But... But... Well, alright. I'll do it for you. (Yumi flies through the ceiling) The girl likes her hamburgers.

*Ami and Yumi drive to the nearest Pink Palace Ami mentioned. Yumi notices a line of people as she enters the Pink Palace.*

Yumi: (with a megaphone) Attention! This is a hunger emergency! Calmly step aside and let the most hungry person to the front of the line! That will be me.

Ami: Yumi, you can't do that. They were here first.

Yumi: This isn't about them. It's about me. And I need a burger!

Ami: There's plenty of burgers, wait your turn.

*Yumi notices the 12 burgers getting taken. At the fifth burger she bites her nails. At the eighth burger she bites Ami's nails. The last burger hypnotizes her.*

Burger: Yumi, I was made just for you! (screams as the last customer takes it)

Yumi: NO! (The customer eats the burger and Yumi gets closer to his belly) You were made just for me!

Ami: Yumi, relax. I'm sure they'll make more.

Yumi: This is your fault, Ami! (points at Ami with her finger) You made me wait in the line!

Ami: I'm sorry. Let's just go get some sleep.

Yumi: Is that all you can think about? Your precious sleep? I'm having a crisis here. Now what are you going to do about it?

Ami: Just calm down, Yumi. I'll stay up with you until we find you another open Pink Palace.

*Ami and Yumi drive to another Pink Palace, but a sign that says "Closed" appears as they reach it.*

Ami: Huh? Guess that means we have to go home now. (yawns) Right, Yumi? (turns to see Yumi, but she isn't on her seat) Yumi?

Yumi: Not until I get my Pink Palace Cheeseburger! (bites the replica burger)

Ami: Okay, okay, I'll help you. There's gotta be a Pink Palace still open somewhere...

*Ami and Yumi drive to New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Albuquerque. A wrecking ball destroys New York's Pink Palace. An earthquake drops Los Angeles' Pink Palace. An octopus' tentacles bring Miami's Pink Palace to the water. An UFO abducts Albuquerque's Pink Palace.*

Ami: I don't know, Yumi. We just can't seem to get a break today.

Yumi: (sees the Pink Palace) Wrong! (Rejoices while seeing the last of 9 taken burgers) One left! MINE, MINE, MINE!

Bill and Yumi: Cheeseburger, please.

Bill: Look, lady. If I don't get my Pink Palace cheeseburger I get hungry, and you won't like me when I'm hungry.

Yumi: I DON'T LIKE YOU NOW! And besides, I WAS HERE FIRST! Wasn't I, Ami?

Ami: Um... Well... I, uh... It's sort of it was at the same time, so...

Yumi: Uh huh! This is just perfect! You would be on his side, wouldn't you? You just want to go back to sleep this whole time! You put your all needs first!

Ami: Yumi, that's not fair!

Bill: I heard enough, that cheeseburger is mine! (Yumi bites his butt)

Yumi: MY CHEESEBURGER! MINE, MINE, MINE! (Takes the cheeseburger and goes to the bus laughing crazily) Mine... Mine... Mine...

Ami: (enters the bus) You should be ashamed of yourself!

Yumi: No, I should be feeding myself!

Ami: First you wake me up, then you make me ride all over the world for a cheeseburger, and why did I along with this?

Yumi: Because... you're nice?

Ami: Because I was trying to be unselfish so you can get your precious Pink Palace cheeseburger!

Yumi: And now I got it. Everyone wins. (hides the burger) Right?

Ami: You stole it! I didn't even wanna come but you were (imitates Yumi) "You don't even care about your best friend?"! After all that talk about selfishness, you end up being the most selfish of the anyone! Just imagine what that poor guy is going through right now!

*Yumi starts imaging Bill's situation if he didn't get the burger.*

Bill: So... hungry... Must... get to... work...

*Bill thuds and then drags himself to work but didn't realize the clock passed to 9:01. His boss slams the door at him with a sign that says "You are fired!" firing him from work. Then Bill is seen with a sign that says "Will work for burgers". A man and a woman, both rich, pass by his side.*

Rich Man: Ugh, the very idea.

Rich Woman: Indeed.

Bill: (crying) If only that girl hadn't stolen my cheeseburger. WHY?

*The flashback ends. Yumi looks at the burger sadly.*

Burger: Do the right thing, Yumi.

Yumi: Wait! I couldn't live with myself if you lost your job or your money. I guess I was being selfish.

Bill: Gee, thanks!

Yumi: Goodbye, I thought we were meant for each other, but we're only passing strangers in the night...

Bill: Aw, shucks... I kinda like you too.

Yumi: Not you, the cheeseburger! (blows a kiss) Good night, sweet cheeseburger...

Bill: Hey, wait! What if we... share? (separates the burger in two pieces)

*Yumi, like she's about to give a hug, walks happily to the piece of burger Bill offers to her, but Kaz intervenes.*

Kaz: Hey, you're gonna eat that? (eats Yumi's burger piece and sighs) So nice...

Yumi. (grabs Kaz and shakes him to make him spit out the burger) GET IT BACK!

Kaz: What did I do?

The Oddyguard

*When Ami and Yumi finish a concert, their fans run into them. This happened three times. Then, one night, Kaz decides to talk to the girls.*

Kaz: Ami, Yumi, I cannot allow this situation to continue! Every time you finish a concert, your fans run on stage and mob you. It's dangerous, I tell you! Very, very dangerous!

Ami: Isn't that sweet? Kaz is worried about our safety.

Kaz: Your safety? What are you talking? I'm worried about your instruments (camera cuts to the broken instruments) Their things don't come cheap, you know? So, I've taken the liberty of hiring for you a bodyguard!

Ami: ボディーガード? (Bodīgādo?) (Translation: A bodyguard?)

Yumi: Have you gone nuts?

Kaz: I'm nearly being prudent, somebody has to keep the fans away from you two!

Yumi: But we don't want the fans to be kept away from us!

Ami: Yeah, they like us, we like them, it's like... Uh... Like fest!

Kaz: Sorry, girls, but my mind has been made up! And now, I would like you to meet your new bodyguard! Ta-da, Wall!

Wall: How you do? Wall pleased to meet you. Wall big fan. Have all your records.

Ami: Hi.

Yumi: Charmed.

Kaz: Now, Wall, you know what your job is, right?

Wall: Oh, Wall know. Quote. Wall not let anyone get near Ami and Yumi. Unquote.

Kaz: Yeah, that's right! Whatever you do, don't let anyone near the girls.

*An ice cream seller offers ice creams to Ami and Yumi. A taxi driver tells Yumi to get in the taxi car during raining time. A postman gives the girls mail. Wall intervenes in everything.*

Yumi: Kaz, this business with Wall has gone too far, he won't let anyone near us and I do mean anyone.

Ami: Like just this morning while I was taking a bath, Wall attacked my rubber ducky.

Yumi: And this afternoon he knocked the dentures right out of my aunt Susie. Kaz, this has got to stop!

Kaz: Maybe this has gotten a little out of hand.

Ami: Oh, Wall! Could you come here for a minute?

Wall: Wall coming! Who Ami and Yumi want Wall to hit?

Yumi: No, no, Wall! Ami and Yumi don't need you to hit anyone.

Ami: Ami and Yumi just wanted you to do a little favor for us.

Wall: Oh, Wall happy to do Ami and Yumi favor! What Wall do?

Ami: Well... Ami and Yumi, we're feeling a timsy bit hungry, and we were wondering if...

Yumi: If you go down to the corner and get Ami and Yumi a pizza!

Wall: Ami and Yumi want pizza? Wall get pizza! (goes to get the pizza but returns back to Ami and Yumi) Wall no go! Wall must stay, protect Ami and Yumi!

Yumi: Oh, Ami and Yumi, we'll be alright, big boy!

Ami: You don't want Ami and Yumi to collapse from hunger, do you?

Wall: No, Wall not want that. Wall go. Wall get pizza.

*While Wall goes to get the pizza, it's Ami and Yumi's turn to talk to Kaz.*

Ami and Yumi: KAZ, GET IN HERE NOW!

Kaz: Hey, hey, alright, alright! There's no need to shout, you know!

Yumi: Kaz, we want you to get rid of Wall right now!

Ami: Yeah, you have to fire him!

Kaz: But... I tried to fire him this morning, and he said.

Wall: Wall have job to do, Wall do job! Unquote.

Yumi: Well, if you can't fire him we'll have to find a way to make him quit!

Kaz: That may be difficult, he inaudible to you two, and he's so proud that he's protecting you.

Ami: Right! That's it! Inaudible a fake disaster! We need fails to prevent it! Wall will quit out of shame!

Kaz: That's a pretty evil tought for such a nice girl, what kind of disaster did you have in mind?

Wall: (singing) Wall love Ami! Yumi! La la la la la!

Yumi: Wall! Help! Oh, help!

Ami: Save us, Wall! Some horrible thief has hijacked the bus, and now he's taking it for a joy ride right to who knows where!

Kaz: (disguised as the thief) I am inaudible taking this bus joy riding, because it brings me joy! (Wall eats the pizza and then gets closer to the bus) I don't believe it, he's actually gaining on us!

Yumi: Well, go faster! If he catches us, it'll break our whole plan!

Ami: You did it, we're losing him!


Kaz: I can't, the power break stopped working with the motor cut out! (the bus goes down towards a hill) What are we gonna do?

Ami: Only one thing to do.

Ami, Yumi and Kaz: WALL, 助けて! (WALL, TASUKETE!) (Translation: WALL, HELP!)

Wall: WALL COMING! (grabs a branch as the bus falls) Ami, Yumi, quick, climb on the shoulders of Wall! (Ami and Yumi climb on his shoulders) Are Ami and Yumi safe? (Ami and Yumi nod)

Kaz: Hey, what about (Wall lets go of the bus) ME? (Wall falls on top of him)

*Ami and Yumi finish a concert. But this time, their fans don't run into them.*

Ami: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!

Yumi: Now, put your heads together for the man who saved our lives, WALL! (the audience runs into Wall)

Ami: Inaudible seems to like Wall.

Yumi: Yeah, he turned out to be a pretty good guy after all.

Kaz: Yeah, good and happy.

*Wall gets chased by the fans. All run into Ami, Yumi and Kaz.*

Song Sung Bad


Hungry Yumi

  • Stray Cats Fever

The Oddyguard

Song Sung Bad


Hungry Yumi

The Oddyguard

Song Sung Bad


Hungry Yumi

  • The episode shares some basic aspects with the movie "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)", such as basic storyline of duo finding out their favorite burger chain, a similarity of the brand name ("Pink Palace" and "White Castle").
  • According to Behind the Voice Actors, the man customer's name is Bill.
  • Bill's overall appearance is reused for tooth fairy in "Tooth Decay".

The Oddyguard

  • Wall's overall appearance, voice tone and one of his verval thicks is reused in the episode "Uninvited," for those who is hired as a security guard for Kaz's own party.

Song Sung Bad

  • The Asahi Theater, the place Kaz held his debut concert, has a real-life counterparts with the same name. Real-life Asahi Theater is located in Osaka of Japan, but it rarely share other common points except the name.


Hungry Yumi

The Oddyguard

  • Yumi's shirt skull follows her expressions. When Kaz talks to the girls about having a lifeguard, the skull remains happy.

Song Sung Bad