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Kaz Almighty/Allergic/Spaced Out
Episode 108
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January 7, 2005


Kaz AlmightyEdit


While the girls played a concert on a tropical island, the locals start seeing Kaz as their almighty ruler. Ami and Yumi plot to reveal Kaz for the fraud that he is. When one of the locals notices that their coconuts are missing, they see right through Kaz's facade. Ami, Yumi and their manager decide to hightail it on out of there and launch themselves off the island via catapult. At the end, the local remarks that "They lose more reborn rulers that way".


While Ami is having breakfast, Yumi walks in, saying that she can't believe it's the annual time for Kaz to wash his clothes. Kaz asks for Yumi to sit down and shut up. Yumi then begins eating Ami's waffles, and then sneezes the syrup off the waffles and onto Ami and Kaz. Ami wonders what made Yumi sneeze, Yumi says it was probably just something in the air. Kaz interjects saying that he thinks Yumi has become allergic to Ami. Ami and Yumi laugh at Kaz thinking that. Kaz then pushes Ami closer to Yumi, at that moment she sneezes again, forcing Ami and Kaz against the table. Kaz comes up with a solution by putting corks in Yumi's nose, but then she sneezes again, blowing the corks into Kaz's glasses. The three then mix a remedy made of lard, bokchoy, baboon milk, mackerel, and chili pepper. It fails, evidenced by Yumi sneezing herself into space. Kaz then puts a piece of tape down the middle of Ami and Yumi's room, intending to keep them isolated until he can find. Remedy. Unfortunately, this fails too. Yumi becomes even sicker, and Kaz decides they should give her a break from Ami. He next morning, Yumi walks into the room, her allergies gone, and finds a letter from Ami saying that she has left. Kaz tries to console Yumi, who sneezes after Kaz touches her. They realize that the soap Kaz used to clean his clothes was what was making Yumi sneeze. Yumi catches up with Ami and explains to her about the soap. They then make Kaz clean the soap off his clothes.

Spaced OutEdit

Ami, Yumi and Kaz are abducted by giant alien bananas. They first watch their thoughts, experiment on them, and when Kaz was playing his game, it is revealed that the aliens were mean because they had no music on their planet. Ami and Yumi play a song for them and they along with Kaz return to Earth.

  • PUFFY song: True Asia (Asia No Junshin)


  • This is possibly the first time we see a character with their butt lines shown onscreen (Yumi peeling one of the giant alien banana's peels). The second was Evil AmiYumi / Butterscotch / Big Waldo.


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