All episodes of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi have 3 segments in them.

Episodes RecapEdit

Koi FishEdit

After Yumi makes a mistake that leads to their van crashing into a dumpster, Ami discovers an all-knowing Koi fish. Yumi becomes obsessed with it to avoid any more mistakes. Ami soon becomes annoyed with the fish being right all the time and she goes as far as trying to destroying him, but to no avail. Yumi ties the fish to her head and Ami gets so fed up with the fish that she jumps into the raging river to see if Yumi would help her. Eventually, Yumi gives up the fish and the girls are OK.

Arbor DayEdit

Kaz almost runs over a squirrel who left his home due to Eldwin Blair chopping down trees for toothpicks, Ami and Yumi decide to help the squirrel get his home back. Later on, Ami chains her and Yumi to the tree. Eldwin starts up the bulldozers and chases them through the forest until he surrounds them. Ami manages to convince Eldwin to save the tree.

Ami AmiEdit

After Yumi has an accident with the microwave, she thinks she's Ami, which leads to Ami and Kaz trying to get her back to normal in any way they could think of. Like freeze her with buckets of freezing cold water, but it backfires when Jengo and Teki get frozen by the water and turn into catsicles.

They premiered on April 22, 2005, starting the 2nd season.

Goofs/Errors Edit

  • Ami Ami: Yumi's hair is short, yet when she dresses up like Ami she has her hair slightly longer and tied up in odangos. It's possible she's wearing a wig or because she has her hair covering her right eye for the most part, her hair is likely longer than it looks.


Ami AmiEdit