Manga Madness / Junior Tapeworm / Kazalot
Ami is reading a manga.

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March 10, 2006

Episode RecapEdit

Manga Madness: Ami and Yumi returned to Japan to watch anime and read manga. When they started to fight about who the better hero, Decibel Destroyer or Knoble Knight, a solar flare hits the manga books, which brings Knoble Knight and Decibel Destoryer to life.

Junior Tapeworm: Harmony joins the Junior Tapeworms so she can be #1 Tapeworm.

Kazalot: Knight Ami the Brave-Hearted goes up against the Dreaded Black Knight to see who can pull out the Mystical Drumsticks of Daloot from the stone to defend everyone from Maury the Dragon.

Trivia Edit

  • Miss Patience is the only character in the show to be voiced by two voice actresses (Tara Strong and Kim Mai Guest).