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Mega Bully is a minor character who only appeared in Team Teen.


Mega Bully first appeared harassing several kids at a park near Puffy AmiYumi while they were flying a kite until Team Teen came in and stopped him with the help of Yumi trapping him with the kite string around his legs. It was because of their actions that they asked Puffy AmiYumi to join their team, which they accept.

However, this was not the end as Mega Bully returned, but this time, twice his size than before with the Team Teen trapped in a pile of bubble gum. When Puffy AmiYumi tried to stop him with their superhero powers, they decide to stop him in Puffy Style instead. When Yumi used her guitar and drumsticks like a bow and arrow on Mega Bully, it was revealed that Mega Bully's large size was an inflatable costume, which popped and made him cry. Even though Puffy saved the team from Mega Bully, they were kicked off the team for beating him as they thought he was defenseless, even though he was terrorizing the town. Mega Bully was last seen being cared for by the stupid superheroes.

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