Neat Freak is an episode where Ami becomes obsessed with cleanliness and makes Yumi and Kaz work very hard to keep the bus clean.


While Yumi and Kaz are playing a game of golf, Ami is cleaning her room. She screams as she walks out of her room which causes Kaz to finally hit a hole in one. Ami screamed because the other rooms in the bus are a huge mess! After Yumi guesses right that Ami was cleaning her room again, Ami tells her and Kaz that she's tired of cleaning up the messes they make, wants the band to be know for their music and not their filth, and that she will be making a few changes. As Yumi tells Ami to let her know how it goes, she is walking away, eating a bag a potato chips, leaving a trail of chip crumbs. Ami yells "Slob Alert!" and takes away Yumi's clothes because they are filthy, which leads to Yumi using the chip bag as a clothing item. Later, Ami takes away Kaz's toenail clippers because he made a pile of toenails (until they grew back quickly). That night, she makes Yumi clean up the kitchen for making a mess while making a sandwich and Kaz put away his many bags of money. In the following morning, Yumi is vacuuming while listening to "Planet Tokyo" with her headphones. She ends up sucking up Jang Keng and Tekirai with the vacuuming and Ami, now dressed in military leader wear, she shows Yumi how to vacuum the bus nicely (again), even though she ends up sucking her in the vacuum. The next morning, Yumi and Kaz get very nervous because of Ami is grading them for cleanliness. Because there was a small dirt spot, Ami sends Yumi and Kaz flying when she yells "unacceptable". Yumi and Kaz start to argue with Ami and after Kaz reminds them about their concert, Ami looks for her drumsticks, but she can't find them anywhere! Yumi comes to the conclusion that she and Kaz cleaned so much and Ami can't find her drumsticks as a result. She is then cheered by Yumi and Kaz to get the bus dirty again. When they all make a very huge mess, Ami finds her drumsticks, and she is very happy. She also agrees with Yumi and Kaz that she did go overboard with the cleaning. Ami and Yumi then have fun making the bus messier with Kaz cheering them on.


  • This is the first time we see Ami in a military leader uniform.
  • Yumi's nightgown in this episode is white instead of black.