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The P.A.L. (Personal Automated Lookout) was Yumi's security computer. It was seen in Home Insecurity.


Before he got a glitch in his system from Yumi Yoshimura chewing him out because she entered her room and he shot her, the P.A.L. was a kind, protective, Lawful Neutral character. However, the bug in his system spawned by her chewing him out for his actions caused his intentions to shift. Afterwards, he became a destroyer (with the Chaotic Evil alignment), and tried to kill everyone.


The P.A.L. was bought by Yumi Yoshimura so she could protect her stuff from being touched Ami Onuki. However, it shoots Yumi, causing her to snap and retort that she herself was Yumi and not an intruder into her room. Because of this, the P.A.L. becomes confused, then turns bad and tries to destroy all life on Earth. The mechanical monster assimilates several objects throughout the room to further his goals, but Yumi patches her relationship up with her partner, who helps her destroy the P.A.L. Yumi uses a virus to defeat the P.A.L.


  • P.A.L. is undoubtedly a parody of HAL 9000 from the Space Odyssey series, notably the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.