Parsephus of Elsifiron and Libnik-148 are two robots from the future. They appear in the episode AmiYumi 3000.

Appearance and InfoEdit

Parsephus and Libnik are small flying two robots from the year 3000. They live in the city Ami and Yumi made. Parsephus is made to look more like Ami and Libnik is made to look more like Yumi.

In AmiYumi 3000Edit

When Ami and Yumi are suddenly transported to the future, Parsephus and Libnik welcome them. They show Ami and Yumi around the city as they plan to enshrine them. Kaz reveals that in the future, they tried to clone him but it only worked on his head, leaving him without hands to scratch his nose, they froze, Harmory, King Chad, Eldwin Blair and The Delivery Guy, and they plan to freeze Ami and Yumi so that they can be in their museum for all eternity. Ami and Yumi gave a chase and Kaz stops Parsephus and Libnik from freezing them, allowing the girls to return to their own time.