(American) Ski Sick Edit

Claw and Order! uwu

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Kaz books a ski trip for him, Ami and Yumi. Yumi wasn't a good skier so Ami signed up Yumi for ski school so she could get better But Yumi gets mad and lies to Ami and says that she passed. Ami finds out she didn't and Yumi said there were monkeys and little kids in the class. They start fighting and then start rolling down the hill. Meanwhile, Kaz is trying to skate across a frozen lake. While rolling down the hill, Ami and Yumi crash into the cabin and break all the bones in their body. In the end, Kaz uses Ami and Yumi as skis to ride down the mountain. The name is a reference to Seasick.

(American) Claw and Order Edit

Fed up with the cats scratching up his stuff, Kaz tries to build Jang Keng and Tekerai a scratching post. The name puns Law & Order.

(American) Janice Jealous Edit

Chad, the good card game player of Stu-Pi-Doh, comes back and has a new girlfriend named Janice. Ami and Yumi start to like Chad again and they start getting jealous of Janice and they start to follow them everywhere to see what they do together. While following them and getting information of what Janice likes Ami and Yumi change to try to be more like Janice so Chad will like them again. They start dressing and acting like her. Chad falls for them and Janice gets sad and runs off. After hanging out with Ami and Yumi Chad starts to not like them. Later on, Janice comes back and tells Chad that she joined a rock band and she had hair like Ami's. Chad said that it ruled she was in a band. Ami and Yumi get mad and just keeping saying that they rule until the end of the episode.