Surf's Up / Stupid Cupids / Brat Attack
Kaz Eating
Kaz Is Hungry!

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December 31, 2004


Episode RecapEdit

Surf's Up - When Ami convinces Yumi to join her in a surfing competition, Yumi reluctantly agrees. It isn’t until the girls are hit by a giant wave and stranded at sea that Yumi realizes Ami doesn’t know how to surf!

Stupid Cupids - When Ami and Yumi come to the conclusion that Kaz is very lonely, they decide to give him a makeover.

Brat Attack - When Kaz books Ami and Yumi to play at a rich kid’s name Timmy's birthday party. They’re totally bummed when they see that he's a spoil brat and boss around the kids at his birthday party and his father by screaming and crying. Things get worse when Timmy demand his father for Ami and Yumi and give Kaz 10 million dollars which he agrees to do. Timmy soon destory Ami and Yumi's gutiar and drums and abused them. Ami tries better ways to control Timmy like art or sports but it didnt work. Finally having enough they tell Timmy that they are leaving, saying that they are rock stars, not toys for Timmy to abuse. Soon Timmy start to cry because he tearfully admits that Ami and Yumi are his only true friends and the kids at his birthday party are actors and his father paid them to be there. Feeling sorry for Timmy, Ami and Yumi teaches him how friends treat each other and how they play. Soon Timmy is no longer a spoil brat and thanks Ami and Yumi. Soon Timmy's father get a helicopter to get the money back from Kaz which he start to cry like a little kid for the loss of his money.


  • Surf's Up was originally called "TsunAmiYumi.
  • Yumi's bikini is now purple with a skull half on her top and skull mouth on her bottom and it is her primary bikini for the rest of the series.