Team Teen is an episode where Ami and Yumi become superheroes after being made part of a superhero team call Team Teen.


Ami and Yumi were out flying their kite until a giant bully named Mega Bully starts to harass the kids at the park. A trio of superheroes called Team Teen (made up of Jarhead, Prom Queen, and Pizza Face) appear to stop him and Yumi stops him with her kite. Jarhead, the leader of the team, asks the girls if they wanted to be be part of the team as superheroes and they accept. Prom Queen, makes Ami "Pom Pom" and Yumi "The Rebel". Ami and Yumi start to regret joining the team because of the team's habit of drinking milk before fighting crime, having curfews (8:00 p.m.) catching villians with pillows and letting them go free. Before they could quit, Jarhead calls them because Mega Bully is attacking them. Ami says they should go help them, but Yumi thinks this is what they deserve for always letting the bad guys roam free. After they go off to fight Mega Bully, they discover that the team is stuck in a gum wad and Mega Bully has gotten bigger! They try to stop him the first time Team Teen style, but it doesn't work, so they stop him with success by fighting him Puffy Style! They save the team, but are kicked off by Jarhead for beating Mega Bully up and popping his costume. Ami and Yumi don't care because they know Team Teen are just really lame superheroes, and go back to rocking out.


  • This is the first time we see Ami and Yumi in superhero costumes.