Timothy is a lonely/bratty kid who always causes trouble. He appared in "Brat Attack" where he had brown hair and wanted Ami and Yumi to play with him and Timmy's father gave Kaz $10,000,000 for them. He wrecks Ami and Yumi's instrument and abusing them. Soon he tearfully admitted that Ami and Yumi are his only real friends because the kids at his birthday party are actors and his father paid them to be there. Soon Ami and Yumi teach him how real friends play and treat each other and after that, he becomes kinder and nicer. He is voiced by Grey Delisle. Timmy appeared in the appeared in some episodes (where he had blonde hair).


  • Only Timmy's dad is shown. It's never stated where his mum is. It's possible she's divorced, dead, or doesn't live with her son.
  • His persona, buck tooth mouth and name could have been inspired by those of Timothy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents.