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Hello, everybody! My name is Spacejamstr, pleasure to meet you! (feel free to call me Jammy) I love Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, The Powerpuff Girls (1998), Viral videos, Cute videos, Funny videos, Annoying Orange, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Old School shows, Ami Onuki, Yumi Yoshimura, Julie Hinikawa, Checkerboard, Starburst, Powerhouse, CN City, CHECK it 2.0, anime, cartoons drawing, and sweets! I also speak a little Spanish and Japanese. To add, if there is ever anything you think I should draw just tell me! I have an obsession with drawing. :)
If you ever want to talk about anything that is related to Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi or anything else, I am right here~

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