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Wall is a minor character in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. He was a bodyguard hired by Kaz to protect Ami and Yumi from ravenous fans.


Wall is a big man that usually wears jeans and a black t-shirt, saying "SOBA SO GOOD". His hair is la little big long. His neck is perpendicular to the rest of his body.


Kaz was worried about AmiYumi's fanbase potentially causing an injury, which would result in hiatus and a potential loss of revenue. As such, Kaz elects to hire a bodyguard. However Kaz, cheapskate that he is, hired one with a considerably low pay grade (potentially none at all), that being Wall.

Wall was given the basic task of not allowing anyone to get near Ami and Yumi which, due to his low intelligence, wound up backfiring and resulting in him intrusively shielding the girls from nearly everything, be it fans, or more benign interactions. Eventually this detriments the band's performance, to the degree that even Kaz attempts to step in. However Wall's resolve remains, insisting that "Wall have job to do, WALL DO JOB! Un-quote."

Eventually, the girls attempt to stage an accident where they save Wall in an attempt to "pay him back" and dissolve their relationship. However, the plan goes awry and Wall saves the girls, getting himself horribly injured in the process.

Wall later appears at the girls' next concert, in bandages and casts, unable to do his job anymore. Ami and Yumi pay direct respects to him, announcing him as the man who saved their lives, resulting in Wall being swarmed by his own posse of fans. With that, Wall is no longer an issue for the girls, and life goes on as normal, though Wall would make a number of cameo appearances in other episodes, with at least one other speaking role.


Wall is a brutish, dim-witted, but ultimately well-meaning individual. He is incredibly strong, though far from invincible. He seems to possess a one-track mind, as when given his job from Kaz, he refuses any and all suggestions to quit, even when Kaz attempts to fire him. In fact, throughout his tenure, he seems to become progressively more and more proactive in his efforts to protect the girls, going from simply holding off aggressive fans to eagerly asking who he has to bludgeon during the girls' heist. Wall consistently speaks in simple, broken English. Often referring to himself in third person and leaving out certain words from sentence structures. His favourite food is suggested to be soba if his shirt is any indication. Interestingly, he has a bizarre habit of punctuating most of the things he says with "un-quote" as if he were verbally quoting another person.

In later episodes, his personality seems to remain intact, however he seems to have considerably mellowed out as he's no longer a bodyguard. He still occasionally uses the punctuation "un-quote" when speaking.